Movo F7

4.3'' Touch Screen Face with Fingerprint Time Attendance & Access Control
Linux OS
TCP/IP, USB drive
Face 1,000
Fingerprint 10,000
Card 1,000
Password 1,000
Attendance log 200,000
Access control
Free PC software
Free SDK
Description Specifications
Movo F7 is a fingerprint & face attendance machine that supports Online Attendance and can be used to open doors or access controls. It can scan attendance and open doors using fingerprints, faces, cards and passwords
This 4.3 inch color screen machine has an SSR (Self Service Reader) feature for processing employee data, work schedules, and attendance reports from machines. Not only that, this machine has a SSQ (Self Service Query) feature for employees who want to check their presence directly on the machine.
Movo F7 also supports online attendance or cloud-based attendance, which can make it easier for you to monitor employee attendance, change data, to process attendance reports anytime and anywhere with internet support.

  1. Equipped with SSQ features to check attendance data directly on the attendance machine
  2. Can be used to open the door (access control)
  3. Reminder and monitor employee work contracts
  4. Export reports
  5. Overtime working arrangements are available
  6. There is a Scheduled Bell as an alarm to remind time of entry, rest, return, shift change and so on

Face Sensor Type Dual Camera with Infrared LED
Fingerprint Sensor Type Optical without gel
Display 4.3" Touch Screen
OS Linux
Face 1,000
Fingerprint 10,000
RFID Card 1,000
Password 1,000
Attendance Record 200,000
Verification Type Face, fingerprint, card, password
Verification Time (sec) <1 sec
Verification Mode 1:1, 1:N
Communication Type TCP/IP, USB Drive
Access Control 1 set of relay switch signal output
1 set of Wiegand 26 signal output
Language Standard: English
Customization: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc.
Power Input 12V
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 ° C
Operating Humidity 20% - 80%