Movo F80

4'' Touch Screen Palm & Face & Finger Attendance & Access Control
TCP/IP, USB drive
Palm 300
Face 300
Fingerprint 3,000
Card 1,000
Password 1,000
Attendance log 100,000
Simple access control
Free PC software
Free SDK
Description Specifications

The Covid-19 pandemic has now infected more than 5 million people in the world. Social restrictions have been put in place in various countries to prevent further spread. However, the social restriction policy did not reduce the spread of Covid-19 and further impacted the economic sector. With this, the government began to implement a new policy that is new normal or a new lifestyle scenario. Through this new policy, people can continue their activities as usual by behaving more hygienically, such as wearing masks, washing their hands and keeping social distance. 

Therefore, Movotek presents the latest attendance machine products, namely the palm attendance machine with a contactless vein recognition model Movo F80. By presenting a vein attendance machine, it is easy for attendance for offices, schools and companies to be more hygienic because users of the vein attendance machine do not need to touch the machine when making attendance. Users only need to scan attendance using the palm. 

Movo F80 is a multi-biometrics (fingerprint & face & palm) attendance machine that supports Online Attendance and can be used to open doors or access controls using palm, fingerprints, faces, cards and passwordsIt also supports online attendance or cloud-based attendance, which can make it easier for you to monitor employee attendance, change data, to process attendance reports anytime and anywhere with internet support.

  1. Equipped with SSQ features to check attendance data directly on the attendance machine
  2. Save electricity with internal batteries
  3. Reminder and monitor employee work contracts
  4. Export reports
  5. Overtime working arrangements are available
  6. There is a Scheduled Bell as an alarm to remind time of entry, rest, return, shift change and so on

Face/Palm Sensor Type Dual Camera with Infrared LED
Fingerprint Sensor Type Optical without gel
Display 4" Touch Screen
Palm (Optional) 300
Face 300
Fingerprint 3,000
RFID Card 1,000
Password 1,000
Attendance Record 200,000
Verification Time (sec) <1 sec
Verification Mode 1:1, 1:N
Communication Type TCP/IP, USB Drive
Access Control Yes
Language Standard: English
Customization: Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, etc.
Power Input 12V
Operating Temperature 0 - 45 ° C
Operating Humidity 20% - 80%